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Mar. 22nd, 2007



i seriously, cannot stress how much i want to move out of my aunts house!!
like, for real. i think i've reached my limit of trying to live here but i can't. its just not working.
i'm never happy in this goddamn house. i hate it here so friggen much!

Mar. 13th, 2007


m0vies. m0vies.

yeah, i really needa calm down.
i'll get over it.
hopefully soon cuz this week SUCKS so far
but i did watch many movies in the last couple of days!:)
but mosta them sucked SUCH AS

but my friends + I watched Click with Adam Sandler, i had already watched it like five times before cuz it was JUST THAT GOOD so it didn't hurt to watch it again

we had rented this horror film but didn't notice it was an asian type horror film & so there were english subtitles so we said 'fuck it' & didn't end up watching it.

alsoooo i watched Lakehouse with Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves. hmm. its hard to say if i liked it or not. i don't even know. but i LOVED the soundtrack to it. DOWNLOAD IT...."This Never Happened Before" by Paul Mccartney. LOVE IT

& todaayy, i watched Fern Gully with Jen & Lindsey. hmm. LOVE IT. well i loved it more when i was a kid but it was still good watching it at twenty years old.

i do remember seeing 'Women Thou Art Loosed' at movie gallery when me + my friends went to pick out movies & i had forgotton how much i wanted to see that movie. so's really wanna see that!

hmm what else?

oh, i made this for my photography class.

Mar. 9th, 2007


postive outlook oui ou non?

a postive outlook about today tho
is that i won 66 bucks on making snow sculptures! with Olechka, Ellen, Danika, Ellen & Heather
i can either:
A) pay off my 50dollar fine
B) treat ourselves out to Mararitas or Dennys

i already know what the right decision is tho.
 the judges were really gay & decided that everyone won snow sculptures
& i thought it was a competition!   wtf. whatever

gah, i hate owing money tho.


my eyeball is gashed, for real.

i poked my eye when i was taking out my contacts last night & jabbed myself right in the eye soooo
when i was going to go wash my face, i thought there was something in my eye but i thought it would go away in the morning
but it didn't so when i was looking in the mirror to put in my contacts in the next morning, i noticed a gash in my eye & had to take out my contacts just in case of an infection.
so i called the eye doctor & said i have to wait a week & then two days after that just to make sure its healed. so's i'm stuck with glasses all week long. ahhhh.
it doesn't hurt or nuff'n it just feels like there's something in my eye.:/


n e ways, i'm gone for the weekend.

everyone have a nice weekendddd & be good :P




my first argument with Chomba
damn, he pisses me off sometimes, for real.

Mar. 8th, 2007



i really needa stop eating, for real
i do it when i'm bored & i'm not even hungry. damn

yesterday i watched Chronicles of Narnia for the second time instead of going to the hockey game. love it
& today i watched Little Miss Sunshine. didn't love it. iono, there was n0 point to it. :/

this weekend i'm going to Heather's with Olechka & hopefully Ellen. love them
hmm, don't know what else to say.
i tried posting an audio post, but its too complicated. oh well.

have a nice night.:)

p.s dried mayonaisse(sp?) is bloody digusting looking__blech!

Mar. 6th, 2007



the creepiest mother fucker called me today, what fuck'n possesed me to give out my number!!! FUCK. seriously, ok lemme explain. so there was this dance at the school & he was there. & i don't like him at all whatsoever, not friend or def not anything more than that. plus he's like almost 30 i think anyways i saw him all alone so i thought that i'd ask him to dance. so i did. so he starts wanting to grind, but i don't want him grinding on me, specially when i don't like the guy. & every couple seconds he'd check in between his legs, like with his hand & i'd look at him & he wouldn't even be staring at me, he'd be staring at my boobs the whole time! so then after like twenty or so seconds of dancing i was thinking to myself 'K NEVER' & said i needed to go to the bathroom THEN he asks if he can go with me & i was like noooo. i showed back up like 10sec lator and ignored him the rest of the nite. THAS who just called meee wanting to hang out Sunday. HAAAAAA!

& lemme just say that i gave him my number wayyyy before the dance and i thought 'hmm, hey, we can be friends...never anything more' & look he just fucked it up by being a fucking

why aren't there any good guys around here, FOR REAL!

on a better note. jennifer hudson was on the Tyra Show yesterday & i must say, she looked fabulosaaaa. damn, i'm jealous, even if she does have fake hair;)

Mar. 5th, 2007



i have no words for myself in the things that i do sometimes.
not one.
all i can say is "woooooow"
my decisions lately, totally suck.

Feb. 22nd, 2007


stupid entry.

jeans motherfuckin suck, for real.
my jeans are tight as fuck cuz i put them in the goddamn dyer
now i can hardly breathe.
hate hate hate jeans
i'm living in sweats from now, gots to do me some sh00ping.
omg, i hate Nelly Furtado's song, everyone one of em.
they all suck.
they only one i liked was 'like a bird'
my side of the room is so friggen clean right now, it sparkizzles, for reallll.
oh & my birthday is coming up. MY BIRTHDIZZLE.
what are we doing??
alls i know is i'm gunna be happy happy happy
& not like today where i feel blah like fuck
i'm writing another entry cuz i thought i should talk about my hate on jeans
i have yet to find a comfortable pair of jeans
i have one.
but it has so many holes in the crotch area that it's all patched up & hard to walk in a straight line.
its redick.
my computer class is cancelled once again & i am so fucking happy.
so yeah.
i farted, closing the door cuz it reeks
& prolly gunna change into pjs & watch some teevee, homieee.

love love love love love
like like like like like
hate hate hate 

iono what that even was.

the best quote from a gay guy i've ever heard:

[while applying large amounts of chapstick] "god guys, i put so much of this on i can donate my lips to the wax museum"
i almost died.
foonay sheet.


y0u don't know who i am.

i've beeN so lazy this week.

this guy, Bobby left me a note on my Birthday sign outside my door.
it says "Happy Soon To Be Birthday, Sweet Sauce"

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